The Top STDs and STIs that Homosexuals Need to Worry About

There are many dangers lurking in homosexuals’ lifestyle. Since the act of homosexuality entails deriving pleasure from a same-sex partner, the risks are double to normal sex.

For instance, anal sex tends to damage inner tissues irrespective of the lubrication used.

The anus contains fragile tissue membranes which are easily torn thus creating a way for STDs and STIs infections.

Here is a list of the top sexually transmitted infections homosexuals need to worry about. They include;


This is one of the most common STD caused by trachomatis. It normally occurs in women reproductive system. Initially, the condition does not display serious complications. However, with time, it may lead to more severe health complications for instance infertile. This diseases can be transmitted through anal penetration oral or vaginal sex. Those homosexuals who are highly sexually active are at the biggest risk of contracting the disease. In addition, having more multiple sexual partners can contribute to this. Gays are more prone to Chlamydia as compared to females.


This kind of infection is caused by bacteria intestinalis. One can get the infection through oral or anal sexual intercourse with an infected person. It also mostly affects male homosexuals just like chlamydia.


Another sexually transmitted disease homosexuals need to worry about is AIDS. Individuals who are sexually active with many partners are at a higher risk of contracting the disease. The virus causing AIDS can also be transmitted in anal tissues just like the vagina fluids. The anal rectum is composed of membranes which easily absorbs HIV into the body. So do be fooled to think homosexuals cannot get the infection.


This kind of an infection affected male testicles. It is also common to male homosexuals within the ages of 20-35 years. Just like other STIs, the disease is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse with an infected person. It causes pain in the testicles and a swollen scrotum. There is also pain where passing urine or even when ejaculating.


The disease is caused by a bacterium. The common sign is sores on the mouth and genital areas. Despite the sores being painless, they tend to be very infectious.

Hepatitis A

Homosexuals are also at risk of contracting the Hepatitis A infection. This condition can be transmitted through oral or anal sex.


This kind of infection also affects the homosexuals. It is caused by a virus known as HSV which brings about blisters and sores. One can get the infection after coming into the skin to skin contact with an already infected partner. The bad news is that herpes infection has no cure. It can, however, be managed with some drugs and natural remedies.


This is another growing STI infection homosexuals needs to worry about. It usually causes genital lumps in lesbians. The genital lumps are mostly painful and on severe cases may cause bleeding. This condition is mostly transmitted through skin contact. This means you must not have sexual intercourse to get it. In addition, condoms do not offer the ultimate solution as you can still be infected.

You can read more about these STDs in the CDC’s report here.

How to Improve Sex Life as a Homosexual

Is it possible to engage in strange forms of male masturbation, using yoga as a tool for autofellatio, to explore forms beyond sexual pleasure?

The answer is yes. “Masturbation is simply a form of homosexuality where men (or women) engage in self-stimulation to reach orgasm or to stimulate feelings of pleasure.

The practice is not only relegated to Homo sapiens.

Regarding humans: While these masturbation techniques are usually used when the individual is alone this is not always the case.

It is not uncommon for partners to masturbate in front of each other as a form of sexual exploration and excitement.

There is also a wide range of videos, literature, shows, and photos of people practicing masturbation.

It is clear that there is a strong sexual relationship with masturbation and its ability to create excitement through its napping nature.

STDs – Protecting Yourself is Most Important

Every gay man is at risk of getting an STD.

So you have to be cautious and protect yourself.

In fact, this article gives some suggestions on how to protect yourself.

Remember, prevention is the best protection! So educate yourself before getting in bed with your gay lover.


Of course, there are many ways of masturbation.

From the use of mechanical devices to erotic ideas only.

One way men can use masturbation is by exercising autofellatio.

This simply means that a man is capable of performing the tongue (oral sex) on him.

Men are not the only ones who can benefit from this technique; women can, too.

One of the best ways for a man to engage in this strange type of sex is to increase the flexibility of his spine.

The reason for this is that the only anatomical structure connecting the mouth to the penis is the spine.

However, the spine is also the main anatomical structure that separates the mouth from the penis.

Once we understand this basic concept, we can focus on the main causative factor that separates men who can and who cannot.

Yoga is a way to increase flexibility and range of movement in the spine.

While it seems impossible, just some basic understanding of how the body works are vital will allow most people to realize that these models are not “impossible” after all.

So, if we can learn some Yogic teachings and perhaps take some physical treatments in modern times, we may already have a recipe that allows men to achieve autofellatio.

The key is to be able to train oneself in a way that is achieved in a safe and intelligent manner.

Once you reach the ability to write mechanically, men can certainly explore this form of deep and personal sexual pleasure.

Information on homosexuality is widely disseminated in the disciplines of general medicine, neuroscience, sociology, psychiatry, psychology, genetics and anthropology.

Using the Internet for Gay Sex

Through the Internet, you can get information about the past history of gays and lesbians.

Who is gay? Plant pathology says that people, who know themselves to others, whether heterosexual or heterosexual, despite the fluidity of well-recognized human sexual orientation, can be the cause of homosexuality.

Many people find themselves relatively less favored than one sex over the other, and identify themselves as dualists.

Many people who are graduates of sexual orientation give little importance.

But same-sex people give the main preference to homosexuals.

These are the best ways to Improve Sex Life as a Homosexual to observe in all your life!

How to Confront a Homophobic Person

Whether you belong to the LGBT community or a supporter, it is likely that you will come across a few homophobic people in your life.

Homophobia can manifest along a broad spectrum; while some people just show a mild discomfort to the concept of homosexuality, other people might have acts of physical or verbal abuse.

You might encounter homophobic family and friends, who you love, and you might also confront homophobic strangers.

No matter the situations, there are a few things that you can apply to deal with their homophobia and keep your dignity.

1. Believe in yourself and be confident

The most important thing you need to do when confronting a homophobic person is to keep your head up high.

The words of a homophobe don’t reflect who you really are – he or she speaks to the intolerance of the homophobic perspective.

You don’t have to meet the standards of anyone, and you don’t have to pretend to be someone that you are not.

To defeat a hater, you should always believe in yourself, even though it might seem impossible at first.

2. Do not be afraid

Homophobic people could be bullies.

When they act aggressively, you can’t show that they are hurting you because all they want to see from you is a reaction.

If you cry and show them that they have been successful in bullying you, they will keep going simply because that is what they want to see.

It might hurt to see what they do or hear what they say, but you need to stay strong and don’t let them see that you are hurt.

By doing that, it is likely that they will back off.

3. Learn how to defend yourself

It is a good idea to study a martial art or take a self-defense program.

This will make sure that you are equipped well and can handle any violent acts from homophobic people.

This is particularly important when you are living in a neighborhood which is known for harassment and violence to homosexuals.

You might not know when the self-defense skills would be useful.

4. Report homophobic violence and threats to the authorities

If a homophobic person is violating your rights, you might need to seek support from trustworthy authorities.

When you are at school, then speak with a counselor, a teacher, or anybody who you trust and respect.

As the situation turns bad, do not be afraid to report to the law enforcement because sexual harassment is basically a hate crime.

5. Be patient

Give homophobes a chance to know more about you.

You might have experienced a difficult time with your sexuality, and the same would be right for your friends, family, and other people in the community.

Try to be non-judgmental and open during this time.

If they are close with you, it is highly likely that love can prevail and triumph over any discomfort.

Give them enough time, and always show your love.

You don’t need to take their insult seriously, but ensure that they understand you are waiting when they are ready to change their mind.