How to Improve Sex Life as a Homosexual

Is it possible to engage in strange forms of male masturbation, using yoga as a tool for autofellatio, to explore forms beyond sexual pleasure?

The answer is yes. “Masturbation is simply a form of homosexuality where men (or women) engage in self-stimulation to reach orgasm or to stimulate feelings of pleasure.

The practice is not only relegated to Homo sapiens.

Regarding humans: While these masturbation techniques are usually used when the individual is alone this is not always the case.

It is not uncommon for partners to masturbate in front of each other as a form of sexual exploration and excitement.

There is also a wide range of videos, literature, shows, and photos of people practicing masturbation.

It is clear that there is a strong sexual relationship with masturbation and its ability to create excitement through its napping nature.

STDs – Protecting Yourself is Most Important

Every gay man is at risk of getting an STD.

So you have to be cautious and protect yourself.

In fact, this article gives some suggestions on how to protect yourself.

Remember, prevention is the best protection! So educate yourself before getting in bed with your gay lover.


Of course, there are many ways of masturbation.

From the use of mechanical devices to erotic ideas only.

One way men can use masturbation is by exercising autofellatio.

This simply means that a man is capable of performing the tongue (oral sex) on him.

Men are not the only ones who can benefit from this technique; women can, too.

One of the best ways for a man to engage in this strange type of sex is to increase the flexibility of his spine.

The reason for this is that the only anatomical structure connecting the mouth to the penis is the spine.

However, the spine is also the main anatomical structure that separates the mouth from the penis.

Once we understand this basic concept, we can focus on the main causative factor that separates men who can and who cannot.

Yoga is a way to increase flexibility and range of movement in the spine.

While it seems impossible, just some basic understanding of how the body works are vital will allow most people to realize that these models are not “impossible” after all.

So, if we can learn some Yogic teachings and perhaps take some physical treatments in modern times, we may already have a recipe that allows men to achieve autofellatio.

The key is to be able to train oneself in a way that is achieved in a safe and intelligent manner.

Once you reach the ability to write mechanically, men can certainly explore this form of deep and personal sexual pleasure.

Information on homosexuality is widely disseminated in the disciplines of general medicine, neuroscience, sociology, psychiatry, psychology, genetics and anthropology.

Using the Internet for Gay Sex

Through the Internet, you can get information about the past history of gays and lesbians.

Who is gay? Plant pathology says that people, who know themselves to others, whether heterosexual or heterosexual, despite the fluidity of well-recognized human sexual orientation, can be the cause of homosexuality.

Many people find themselves relatively less favored than one sex over the other, and identify themselves as dualists.

Many people who are graduates of sexual orientation give little importance.

But same-sex people give the main preference to homosexuals.

These are the best ways to Improve Sex Life as a Homosexual to observe in all your life!