Penis Size for Gay Men – What Size is Best?

● Introduction

One of the most important factors in a gay relationship is the size of the penis. This has been proven by psychological research and relationship assessment. Most gay men have admitted that they are anxious about the size of their penis. Regarding this organ, there are very many questions going around. What is the right size? Does it have to be a particular shape? What is the best thickness? Most importantly, what is the ideal size to have? All these questions pop up in gay relationships around the world. Here is more about the penis size for gay men.

• So what is the best penis size for gay men?

Penises come in all sorts of lengths, sizes and shapes. Some of them are tiny while most are average sized. Some of them are pretty huge. Therefore, gay men always want to know where they are on the scale. A personal estimation is always better done if you know what the average penis size is.

According to studies, the average penis is between 5 and 7 inches in size when fully erect. This is the length from the tip to the base. In terms of girth, the average penis has a circumference of 5 inches. Anything less than this is considered small. A penis that has bigger dimensions than this is considered large. With this information, gay men can identify where they are on the international scale of average size.

Men can utilize the scientific findings on penis traction to help determine if these non-invasive therapy methods are something worth utilizing to help their penis size.

• Generalizations about penis size among gay men

There are very many statements among the gay community which regard generalizations about penis size. Many of them are based on race and ethnicity. According to them, men from Colored races have larger penises than average. In some cases, these generalizations are true while in others they aren’t. Therefore, they aren’t an
accurate guide to picking and choosing gay partners.

• The connection between penis size and self esteem among gay men

A recent study revealed that gay men create a significant connection between the size of their penises and their self esteem. Gay men with large penises have more confidence in bed and in everyday life. However, those with average or small penises normally experience lower self esteem. This causes them to experience average or bad relationships more often. According to the study, gay men with average or small penises can make up for it by focusing on their performance. This is because there is a difference between large penis size and the ability to deliver sexual pleasure.

• Options for those with small penises

According to researchers, only men who have a penis size that’s less than 1.6 inches when flaccid and less than 3 inches when erect should consider penis lengthening. This is normally achieved through consumable products or surgery. In this endeavor, it is important to make sure that you distinguish between legitimate solutions and false promises.

● Conclusion

There is clearly a connection between penis size and satisfaction for gay men. Many of them are comfortable with the sizes of their penises. However, some of them feel that they are small and need some lengthening. The guidelines above explain what is the average size and also reveal who should seek lengthening. Overall, it is
better to focus on technique than size!