Examples of Homophobic Discrimination

Examples of Homophobic Discrimination

Homomorphic discrimination is as widespread as any other form of discrimination across the globe.

Many people experience discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation and the cruel society does not take a second thought to know why some people are different from others in their sexuality.

While other countries have tried their best to accommodate everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, others are still adamant and silently persecuting these helpless victims of their own circumstances.

In this article, you will learn different ways in which many of such individual get discriminated in different spheres of influence.

1. Employment training discrimination

It is common to find an employer allowing a man whose wife or female partner is in the family way to go for an annual leave in order to attend to the antenatal appointments along with her.

When a similar request is raised by a woman whose partner (a female in this case) is expectant, the same employer objects.

This is due to the direct homophobic discrimination based on an individual choice of her or his sexuality.

No employer has the power to show this kind of discrimination against anyone be it in recruitment, promotion, training, awarding salaries and benefits, redundancy or in terms and conditions of work.

2. Homophobic discrimination when providing goods, services or facilities

In most cases, the person responsible for providing goods, services and some facilities would show discrimination against you because of your sexuality in the following ways:

  • Declining to sell you anything
  • Preventing you from using some services
  • Overcharges you more than the other person with the different sexual orientation from yours
  • Shows a negative attitude towards you

Likely, you might have come across such scenarios in places such as:

  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Places of worship
  • Residential homes
  • Courts and prisons

However, it is against the law in some states to discriminate against a gay person regardless of how services, good or facilities are provided.

But it is not discrimination to offer goods and services aimed particularly at a certain group of people especially the gay community.

3. Education and training discrimination

Some colleges and schools tend to discriminate against those with a different sexual orientation that is deemed unacceptable.

Under certain circumstances, some individuals might get discriminated against because their parents or guardians are gay or lesbians and this is not a good practice.

As such, a school or a college should not show any form of discrimination in their policies and practices in any of the following areas:

  • Admission
  • Treatment of students
  • Exclusions
  • When making decisions

Therefore, it is upon the teachers to make sure that their students receive fair treatment as a way of accepting everyone in the society.

4. Housing discrimination

When renting or buying a house, you are likely to be discriminated against by landlords or housing agent in many ways.

Sometimes they may turn down your offer and give to someone else they perceive to have a ormal’ sexual orientation, or maybe quote a high price for your target house in order to discourage you from acquiring it.

This kind of discrimination is illegal and not allowed against anyone.

5. Public authorities discrimination

It is against the law for the public authority to show some sort of discrimination against you due to your sexuality.

This kind of homophobic discrimination should not be practiced in public authorities such as government departments, courts, tribunals, police stations local authorities among others.


It high time people realize that we are born differently and we need to respect each regardless of sexuality. Homophobic Discrimination should not be allowed at all costs.